The Luck of the Lavender

Lots of lessons learned with this incident, that is for sure!

1. Don’t take the dog for a bike ride, it’s not “fun”.
2. Broken bikes aren’t cool and I don’t know how to fix them.
3. Lavender oil is awesome for cuts, BIG or small.

You can see there is asphalt stuck in it!

You can see there is asphalt stuck in it!

So I have had my premium oil kit (with the Aroma diffuser) for about a week and so far, LOVING IT! I love the kit because I have been able to experiement with all the oils to figure out which ones work best for me. There are so many things to share about using my oils but I think one of the first things I’ll share is about lavender oil since it was one of my first oils, along with lemon, which is quickly becoming a favorite!

You’ve probably already looked at the pictures and were like, “Whoa! What the heck did she do?” Well, no judging because I feel dumb every time I tell the story about what happened to my arm/elbow. Here in Michigan, we had a very LONG winter so when warm weather finally showed up, I wanted to be outside. One day after work I decided that I wanted to go on a bike ride in our neighborhood which has some nice trails through it. Well I thought it would be “fun” to teach the dog how to go on a walk/jog while I ride alongside her. Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it…

Madison (our dog) did do pretty well for awhile; she got the hang of the pace and jogged beside me dragging her leash. She did at one point chase a rabbit but she is a hunting mix so I guess its more innate than anything else. Even with the set back of rabbit chasing, we were actually able to keep going on our bike ride but I figured it was time to hold on to the leash and head toward home in case she smelled the rabbit again. So again we continued and I was so impressed with how well she was doing…

All of the sudden she stopped immediately to smell something (probably that darn rabbit!) and well I’m sure you can imagine a girl being flung off her bike all because of some brown, furry dog with her sniffer going. So there I was laying on the ground with the handle bars across my lap, basically pinning me to the ground. Don’t for a second think that Madison felt bad or even cared that I was on the ground because she didn’t, she was still sniffing!

I decided our bike ride wasn’t “fun” anymore and we walked home, the whole way my bike made this “ting” “ting” noise every time the back tire rotated.

I used Lavender oil mixed with coconut oil on the cut after I rinsed it with water and got the rocks out of my skin (ouch!). I used the lavender oil for about two weeks and a couple days I put some lemon on it to make sure it wouldn’t get infected. The lavender oil worked wonders and now that it is pretty well healed I’m using frankincense to help with scarring. One thing I did notice with using oils rather than the typical triple antibiotic ointment was that the oil stayed moist and didn’t “dry out” like triple antibiotic ointment does. Even when the scab got itchy the lavender oil took the itch out and kept me from picking at it.

Day Two

Day Two

Day 14

So there you have it, no matter how bad the scrape, lavender can get it done!

Introducing Oils to Your Life!

Introducing Oils to Your Life!

When I was first contemplating using essential oils, I wasn’t sure if I should “buy in” to the whole thing. I noticed some people talking about using the oils but I contined to scroll through the Facebook feed thinking nothing more of it. After I continued to see success stories with using the oils I became very curious. I ended up getting a few oils to experiment with (Lavender, Lemon and Grapefruit). For the past couple months I’ve used my oils for all sorts of things. I’m so excited to share my experiences with you! I know you’ll love the oils as much as I do!